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Reif Late Harvest Vidal 750 ml

REIF LATE HARVEST VIDAL - Excellent vineyard management in a trying year allowed fruit to arrive to our cellar clean and ripe. The grapes were crushed and gently pressed.  The juice was clarified using flotation technology. The clean juice followed a traditional cool fermentation with a specially selected yeast strain.  The fermentation was completed in 2 weeks and the wine was cleaned quickly to maintain a fresh aromatic style.  Great acidity is the wines defining characteristic and has made one of its parents Ugni Blanc(trebbiano) famous in cognac.
Tasting Notes:
Beautiful aromas of apple blossom, peach and floral notes are found on the nose. The palate is layered with ripe peach, honey and dried apricot. The acidity is fresh and lively contributing to a well-balanced finish with a touch of sweetness.
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